Tuia 250

This week in room 4 we are learning about Tuia 250 and we had to make a poster. I chose  Captain Cook arriving It is cool. I hope you like it.✌😜✌😜✌😜✌😜

Money 25/10/19

In He Puna Kawenga for maths we had to look at theNew World catalogue and Warehouse Catalogue. We had $20 to spend at New World and and $30 to spend at The Warehouse. We had to add up all our items and then work out the change. Here is my working out.

My Six sentence stories

In He Puna Kawenga we have been creating a six sentence story. We had to imagine, create and innovate to get the perfect piece of writing. So we created a Google slide. So here is my one, ENJOY ~_~ 


In week 10 He Puna Kawenga we did active learning . We had to make snowflakes...
Snowflakes are made of crystalsSnowflakes are shaped like hexagon pointed star.Each snowflakes could have as many as 200 crystals in them. Wow.Snow is soft and fluffy.Some  hail stones are like a golf ball.Several hundred India.

Centimeter Masterpiece

We had to create a picture on grid paper. Next we had to workout the perimeter and show our thinking. Here is my centimeter masterpiece

Preparing for cross country

I am training for cross country at Rutherford I have been beating my time. My time today was 3.22 and I came first place.

End of term 2

1. what I enjoyed this term was art because it was cool.

2. what I am doing in the holidays is on the the first week I am going to skids and on the 2 week I am going to New Plymouth.

3. what I want to do is art because it is my favourite thing to do.